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Saturday, April 4, 2009

NYC Saga / Times Square . . .

Somewhat impromptu, we took in Times Square following a show one night. Come to find, this vicinity is PACKED day and night. At any rate, our night tour/sprint was more of a hurry, hurry, STOP, hurry, hurry, STOP... Part of me wanted to, and finally did, just keep the camera out. My daughter's teacher's daughter (confusing isn't it!) is a model in NY and just happened to be on the SouthPole ad. The kids are familiar with her from her visits with her mom at school, as well as making the trip up to NY with us; so to actually see her in an ad - well, lets just say there were a couple/several starry eyed teenage boys. I, myself, got starry eyed with the M&M store. I am a lifetime member of the 'M&Ms are the BEST candy in the WORLD' club - so, yea, a little distracted. I was less impressed with the inside of the store (chaos due to broken down escalator). All-in-all, Times Square struck me as a 'Friday Night Party/all the time'/Regattaish, mini-Vegas light extravaganza. This is one area of NY that I'll be content to simply watch on TV each New Years Eve.


  1. Love Time Squares! Crazy busy but love to walk around! and love m&ms too! :)

  2. Times Square is crazy no matter the time of day or year. A lot of energy, though. We tried it with a baby in a stroller; wouldn't recommend that experience to anyone.

  3. Eeeeks! That 2nd one is kind of. . . welll. . . disturbing! How fun to be in NYC! Such excitement!

  4. Wow - I never tire of shots of New York. My best friend lives there.... I want to visit so much.