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Sunday, April 5, 2009

NYC Saga / 5th Ave . . .

We headed out for the obligatory "TODAY Show" appearance/ experience with a forecast of 'cloudy/overcast skies' (New York translation: wet SNOW!). The kids were such good sports and stood in freezing weather, waiting patiently for the 'stars' to re-emerge and their chance to cheer and be seen on TV. I, on the other hand, pretty much waited inside the adjacent store watching from afar because of moist weather. As soon as the 'stars' returned, people with signs converged on our children like a pack of wolves. The kids stood their ground and we proudly have recorded evidence that our daughter was, in fact, among the crazies that get irrationally excited when Al Roker appears to give the weather. Fun Stuff!

We followed up with shopping (and warmth) at the NBC store, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral and window shopping down 5th Avenue. By the time we got to FAO Schwartz's, the kids were hungry and FREEZING. I asked an officer on the street for a good lunch recommendation - somewhere he would take children to eat, and he directed us to a quaint deli in the direction of Central Park. The atmosphere was very ethnic with Italian being the prevalent language. The food was very good and well priced. My observation was that New Yorkers actually have a more intimate relationship with the people at places they visit on a regular basis. More often than not, customers came in and greeted the people behind the counter by first name. I have no clue who the people are at our Kroger or WalMart delis.

We eventually made our way to Central Park and were joined by the "Poet of Central Park" who graciously walked with us, giving us information about the park and general directions. By the time we reached our 'meet-up' destination of Columbus Circle - the sky told a very different story from the morning. I can honestly say, this day won the prize for walking. Other than stopping for lunch, and a brief sitting spell in Trump Plaza, we went non-stop.


  1. Boy, Nicki, what a trip you had! Looks like you covered just about everything. Your shot inside the church is stunning--you really caught that feeling of airy spaciousness. Love the bridge from Central Park. Must be awesome in the fall when the leaves turn.

  2. Wow, amazing shots! It always surprises me to see how diverse the scenery is in NYC- you've got the city scenes/skyscrapers of course, but then you have the beautiful wooded areas and that gorgeous bridge! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  3. Awesome shots! I love that statue and inside of the church!

  4. Looks like you saw a lot and had a great time! My friend and I did the Today show thing a few years back. :)

    My favorites of these are the third and fourth shots. The cathedral is beautiful and so is the bridge!

  5. Ahhhh New York (said with a long sigh) how I love her.

  6. Awww my favorite city. Love how you captured it all.

  7. i stumbled upon your blog, just by clicking NEXT BLOG at the top of mine and just love your photos. The one of the bridges in Central Park is simply astonishing! Thank you for sharing...I look forward to reading more...HOpe you had fun in is a great place to live, and visit!!