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Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally Friday . . .

Happy Halloween!

We had Trick-or-Treat last evening and though it was rather cool, and with fewer kids, it was fun! Going back and forth to help my children hand out candy, I reminisced about the Halloweens when they were younger, when a certain tree down the street looked haunted and they were torn between the excitement and fear of spotting it. I was reminded of how they were content to make one trip down and back our immediate street, totally satisfied with their haul, and eager to jump into the back of the wagon and inspect all the goodies.
Last night we saw the familiar Harry Potter, Victorian Lady, witch, ninja and lots and lots of Disney princesses. Lots of them! While some people quit handing out candy once their children have grown and moved out, I suspect I never will. I would hate to pass up the opportunity to re-live those wonderful years when either my husband or I were walking with our little vampire, witch, princess, or magician.


  1. I can't wait to re-live Halloween this Sat! Love these decorations!!

  2. I miss Trick or Treat! I loved it when we lived in the subdivision when my kids were little. Most of us pulled up chairs at the end of our driveways so the little ones didn't have to go as far. Sadly, living in the country does have it's drawbacks. I'm like you, I'd never have stopped giving out treats!

  3. Love giving out candies!! Love seeing all those little kids with the funny costumes asking for candies!! ;) - Love your Halloween decorations!

  4. Very cute pictures & sounds like fun. It's funny, because a friend was asking me yesterday if wouldn't trick or treat be that night because it was Saturday and I was all, "Huh? But it's not Halloween..." Our schools are out around here on Monday though (not for me though - teachers still have inservice) so that might be why the trick or treaters still held off.