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Thursday, October 21, 2010

self-exile . . .

After a sad and pathetic melt-down the other day, I deleted my last post. The post that spoke to the desire of my Senior daughter for me to spend time with her sans camera. The post about how, contrary to the encouragement to take the camera, the reality was that certain family members would rather it not be there. The post where someone other than me said out-loud "IF YOU DON'T WANT HER TO TAKE PICTURES, WHY DID YOU WANT HER TO BRING THE CAMERA."


that post.

but none of this had anything to do with my 'time-out' from the blog, or why I deleted the post. It was the accumulation of a series of unfortunate events. I could see myself careening to the boiling point when I had to fly like a mad woman in order to get my daughter from the high school in one part of the county to the photographers in another part of the town. The very photographers that came to the school for mandatory senior portraits, but didn't offer proofs or re-takes at the school. So, off to their studio we flew in hope of getting suitable pictures - a portrait without the Princess Leah glob of hair on the one side (how they couldn't see that in-camera, or in post-processing is beyond me !!!) only to have the photographer take craptastic pictures and end-up agreeing to take the originals and photoshop the Princess Leah bun/glob out. And all at extra cost to me. Who was already paying more because these were "Senior Portraits" versus underclassman pictures. And only after getting permission from the high school yearbook teacher. Like somehow she is going to comfort my daughter from years of shame for getting caught with a bad hair picture that one good swipe of the hairbrush could have avoided.

But even that wasn't the breaking point. No, the final straw was when my son came upstairs where I was working and said in an 'ohhh, you're in trouble tone', "Dad needs to talk with you about your blog post." That was it. I cracked. I stopped what I was working on, and just deleted it. end.of.discussion.

As it turns out, all he wanted to do was joke with me about 'dissing him and our daughter for giving mixed messages about the camera - and about me "outing them" in my post.

clearly I needed some time-out.


Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.



  1. Dang! THAT kind of time out, time out from posting. Now I get it. I thought you meant you had to sit in the corner. Well, you had a really crappy and UNDER-APPRECIATED day. And probably you were just trying to be helpful (create photos of your daughter that are actually good), and you happen to have some real talent in photography (unlike, apparently, the studio-employed yearbook photographers.) I think you got chastised (you thought) about your post and then you were so due a major snit! I hope you were vocal about it all! And that your family is now providing some TLC. If not, I can give you a great link to this place that starts with BH and includes "photovideo" and will only require from you a string of credit card numbers. :)

    Hope today is a much better day, and I love your posts and sense of humor in them, and your comments!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry. It sucks to have to deal with all that, especially when you're really doing it for everyone else. Your daughter will appreciate what you did one day. And in the meantime, a good time out never hurt anyone. ;)

  3. It's so hard to see photo's that others take when you are a photographer who "knows" it could have been/gone much better! I think all "school" photographers should offer re-takes! Sometimes they're just soo needed!

  4. One day your daughter will have the "My mom really does know about...." moment. It will happen when she's grown, maybe when she's a mom. Hang in there... teens can't live with them can't live without them.

  5. Sorry you are having a hard time lately. Glad to see you posting - love the "out of service" shot!

  6. Sorry to hear about your discouraging moments. I hope things go better. I always LOVE reading your blog posts, so keep them coming!!!