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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Choices . . .

We have to make them every day. Some are relatively insignificant, others have the potential for life long ramifications. Lately choices have laid heavily with me and I have struggled between directing, merely observing, or avoiding them all together.

After months of me struggling between whether to pay another repair person to come to the house for our broken dishwasher, or use the money to buy a new one - my husband finally made the choice of a new machine. [my yelling at two teenagers to help with dishes, plus a big sale probably had a little to do with his decision] Now this is where the fun really began. Not selecting which machine - we actually made that choice fairly quickly. No, it was with the choice of "add on" purchases that left us scratching our heads.

1) you have the choice to purchase a 'tubing/water line' kit, or use the existing one. If you choose to use your existing tubing, the retailer can not install. No choice there - we are not plumbers, so purchase the kit it was.
2) You have the choice to purchase the electric cord. As in 'plug-in'.
Hummm, that's a hard one.
On one hand, we can buy the machine and just look at it because without electricity it is as useful as our teenagers. Or we spring for the 'plug-in' and actually use the machine. Well that one was easy too, electric cord it was.

Choices - I know them when I see them and the fine print choices on getting a good deal on a dishwasher are not what I call choices.

now, deciding whether I choose the side angle of the rooster versus the straight-forward shot - that is a choice, or maybe it is just a preference...

oy vey!


  1. Holy smokes--they really get yo with all those fine-print "options", don't they? Sheesh. I've missed several of your posts--love the leaves and even the singleton. I love the crisp fall days where the sun is out, too. Makes it the best time of year. Throw in the scent of someone burning leaves and it's perfect. Of course, around here everything is always too wet.

  2. Love that chicken! I'm always amazed when they sell an electrical appliance without the plug!

  3. Great post! And don't you just love the thing that are considered optional these days. A cord? Seriously? We just bought our son Nate a new printer to use at college and it didn't even come with a USB cord. Very annoying. I'm sure you will love your new dishwasher...once it's plugged in. Now if you can just get the teenagers to load it. Let me know how that goes. :) Love the rooster pictures. Both of them. :)