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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday morning quarterbacking . . .

Saturday was a picture-perfect Fall football type of day. The sort of day where long sleeves are a plus, but jackets are optional.

unless of course, you go to the Mall where Autumn is a thing of the past and Thanksgiving is a mere bump on the road to the ultimate destination of Christmas or "Winter Holiday" if you are so inclined. Saturday at the Mall was full out Christmas equip with elves, decorations, music, and the big guy in red himself, Santa. As my daughter and I collected items for a school project at Michael's we were serenaded by both the Nutcracker Waltz and Cyndi Lauper - - - at the same time. Joy!

Certainly the compression of Thanksgiving into Christmas is worthy of a penalty flag. Neutral Zone Infraction or something!


  1. WOW, awesome colors and really nice DOF! Fall colors are so cool.

  2. Beautiful fall leaves... and so not ready for Christmas music!! ;)

  3. Very nice picture! I was surprised to see Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago in our neighborhood and then I told myself I should just be content that they weren't up before Halloween! ;-)