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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend . . .

It is what you make of it.

Where did this weekend go? It seems like it was just Friday night with all the time in the world to complete a litany of tasks, but here we are at Sunday night and I accomplished little to nothing. Oh sure, I did manage to squeeze in a little housework, and watch a couple Harry Potter movies (thumbs up on the latest one); but more importantly, I showed the kids I've still got "it"; "it" being the operative term. Our local Best Buy store used to blast music in the parking lot and I would tease the kids by dancing as I made my way to the doors. As you can imagine, they were not pleased with this and figured if they each got on a side of me they could take preemptive measures to avoid embarrassment. Best Buy stopped playing parking lot music, I think because they missed my dancing. Well today while at Target I had an Ellen DeGeneres moment and busted loose with my senior rendition of the sprinkler/cabbage-patch/raising the roof/robot dance moves. The boy just stared at me giggling, the girl was mortified, the husband - oblivious (we were in the electronic department after all). Yep, weekends are all about what you make of them.


  1. Wish I could've been there! Love it; I find myself "groovin'" at times if something particularly catches my ear. The kids are embarassed now, but they will enjoy the memory of how "dorky" their mom was down the road.

  2. You are too funny!! LOL - I have done that before... but have no kids to embarass!! ;)

  3. LOL!!! Glad you've still got it and aren't afraid to show it! :) Embarrassing teenagers makes getting through those years bearable, right? I consider it payback for all those times they had tantrums in the store or did otherwise embarrassing things.

    Love your photo, too!

  4. Oh, MAN!!!!!! Does not anyone in your family know how to take video clips and post them on the blog for us?????????? Where is the justice, I ask you!