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Friday, November 19, 2010

FLASHBACK friday . . .

and in case the bold letters do not emphasize it enough - I do mean flashback!

I don't know that this is from Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter, all I know is I laugh every time I look at it. I would be the blond with a gosh-awful pixie cut, and that would be my beautiful sister with some seriously bad bangs. Our mother loved us, as for our hair dresser, I'm thinking not so much. My sister refers to this picture as our 'Beverly Hillbilly era'. I look at it and think: Happy. Loved. Bliss.


  1. In those days (at least in my childhood days), your mother probably WAS your hairdresser! Very cute photo and what nice memories it holds for you! :-)

  2. I love this picture! I wish more of us posted old photos like this one! It's a treat to be able to see an earlier version of ourselves. You and your sister were adorable! Happy, loved, and bliss are pretty amazing as memories go! May you have many more of those!

  3. Sweet! You look so cooperative and charming, with your arms folded over just so! You look like you were very into the photograph, or the photographer was really doing a great job getting your attention. Wonderful shots! You and your sister should do a little "re-enactment" (but you get to keep your current hairstyles!)