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Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday . . .

and not a day too soon.

Just a couple more days to round out my '12 Days of Santa', then I'll move on to other things, I promise.

I am reminded of an incident when our son was around 4 years old. While playing in his sister's toy kitchen, he got carried away and swallowed a floral marble (the clear half-marble style). After frantically driving the hour commute between my work and the hospital in record time, the doctor informed me that a regular x-ray would not show anything - and since he was in no apparent distress with no difficulty breathing or stomach pain, the best course of business would be to allow nature to run its course. I was instructed to keep an eye out (if you know what I mean) over the next day or so. The whole time we were back in the exam room, my husband and daughter were in the waiting room nervous and eager to learn of his fate. As we exited the exam area the boy burst into the waiting room and announced to everyone: "Three Days (holding up three fingers) - it'll be out in 3 days". It was so absolute. Matter-of-fact. No doubt about it. And a little bit of relief with the realization that he had some how escaped being punished for doing a 'no-no'.
Guess Santa isn't the only one that can forgive minor transgressions.
(but there is a limit - just in case the BOY is reading. ! ! !)

1 comment:

  1. Very funny!!!!! I was wondering what you meant - I always call those little doohickeys "flat marbles". :-) At least my boy swallowed something that would show up on an x-ray: a dime. And it was out in about three days more or less. ;-) He also swallowed some neosporin, a button, and some thankfully nontoxic housecleaning spray. My neighbor used to call him "eating man". :-)