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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pass it on . . .

Earlier this week the meteorologist reported that we were to get snow this weekend. By the time Friday got here, the kids announced it would be 'record amounts' requiring them to miss at least 1-2 days of school. That's what the weatherman said. When I mentioned it to my husband he commented that wasn't going to be all that bad, maybe 1-2 inches of snow. That's what the weatherman said. Reminds me of the game where you whisper something to the next person in line and pass it on. By the time it reaches the last person it rarely compares to the original message. I wonder what the weatherman really said?


  1. I'd like to miss a day or two of school myself...not due to snow though. Of course, last time we missed school for weather it was a hurricane, so maybe I'd prefer the snow after all. I hope you guys get a day off and very pretty Santa picture! Can't wait until vacation and then I will surely have some "real" pictures!

  2. No snow days here! Enjoy the snow. I need to look for some nesting dolls. So cute :)

  3. Ha. We were expecting a ton of snow here too, and yet it's almost 50*. I wonder sometimes how meterologists keep their jobs?

  4. You can keep your snow up there please. :)