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Monday, December 20, 2010

Memorable . . .

Years ago the kids and I made Angels for Christmas. Their input was how much hair, and how much wings, and how much smile. I handled the hot glue and permanent marker. Over the years, the hair was flattened down (a lot!), and the robe has colored with age - but the angelic smile and memories are perfectly intact. One of the angels was made for my mom, who proudly kept it in her kitchen all year round. Reminds me of a recent TV commercial that boasts something to the effect that "no mother in the history of mothers has ever turned down a homemade ornament."


  1. Very true! She is looking well for her age. How sweet of your mom to keep her up all year long!!

  2. Very true! What a fun craft and how sweet those memories must be when you pull out the angels eac year :)

  3. That's really sweet, I bet that's a great memory for all of you!

  4. Too true! However, these homemade ornaments don't always hold the same meaning for the kids. I have hanging in my bedroom wall a wooden-framed mirror with a little shelf that my son, David, made for me in Wood Shop when he was in Middle School. Just today (because I was home on vacation) he came into my bedroom to chat, and suddenly he asked, "So, Mom, when are you going to get rid of that ugly thing?"

  5. Very sweet! And Maria, so funny!

    Here's one - when I was a little girl I saved up babysitting money or money I had gotten for doing chores at home or whatever and bought my grandmother a frosty the snowman candle complete with green and red scarf.

    Not wanting to see my feelings hurt, my dad explained before I gave it to her that there was a chance she wouldn't appreciate it quite as much as I hoped because...well...we're Jewish. My grandmother kept that candle on her dresser for the rest of her life.

  6. I love your writing and photography combined in this post! And you are talented with a glue gun as well! Your angel has very regal, but welcoming, posture!

  7. What a great angel! I love it! Makes me smile just looking at it. And great memories to go with the angel to boot!

  8. Such a beautiful angel - and what beautiful memories too!