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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ike * Ike * Ike . . .

It was just a matter of time until he would succumb to the chair!
- and give the tree a break from his kitty terrorism -

Ike is not your ordinary cat. He is MY/OUR/THE BOY'S cat - he plays up to each of us. For me, he lets me pick him up and carry him around and baby him. For the Husband, he .... well, he mostly just annoys him (another point for me I guess - LoL!); the Girl - he lays on her lap giving her an excuse to not get up and do whatever I have asked her to do. If I had a dollar for each time I heard "I can't, I have a kitty on my lap", I'd be a rich woman. For the Boy - well:

apparently, he helps with homework.
Now if he could only help with actually turning it in, we'd be in business.

"Whaaaat?" "I'm just proofing"

oh, and did I mention, he talks. He talks and talks all*the*time.

...but I'm not buying it - I'm fairly sure that isn't the Boy's handwriting.


  1. That is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I get that "But I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll disturb the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!" excuse all the time too!

    And funny on his name being Ike - the first thing I always think is of the hurricane we had here a couple of years ago named Ike. I doubt you heard about it in much in West Virginia, because it was just days before the bottom dropped out of the whole economy & that took up more news than the hurricane.

    For just a fraction of a second I was like, "She has a post about the hurricane?!? Oh no wait...she has a cat named after the hurricane...oh no wait, this is unrelated to the hurricane."

    I have a whole category about your cat...I mean the hurricane, on my blog, but of course it goes from most recent to oldest, so the pics of destruction & stuff are way near the bottom: Hurricane Ike, not kitty cat Ike

  2. And sorry for hogging your comment section, but that category of mine for the hurricane is REALLY long, so if you want to see the true destruction caused by your furry little friend :-) :-) :-) (just kidding!!!! I know it's not really his fault!!!!! :-) you have to even press the "older posts" button at the bottom of that page and go to the very end of the SECOND page. Apparently I had a lot to say on the subject!

  3. No problem - I don't know what possessed our son to name him Ike - we weren't supposed to even be in the market for a cat when he was adopted - but he was and I'm so glad of it now. My son also named his tree sprig (Tree Day- plant a sprout) "Earl". I hope when or if he ever has children that his partner will take charge of naming because we've seen what he likes in terms of male names and he has mentioned Helena as a favorite female name.

  4. Well...since I have stepdaughter named Helen who loves her name, I'm going to say that he could do worse! :-) :-) :-)

    I think old fashioned names are coming back into style now anyway, which might be where the Ike & Earl came from. But maybe it's only for girls. I can't even tell you how many "old people" named little girls have come through the preschool recently.

  5. He means so much to everyone and he looks a lot like our Sammy here! I wonder if Sammy can do homework? I'll have to try that out ;).

  6. My two boys just LOVE cats. I had to call them in and read/show this to them. They want to see more now :).. Cute!

  7. That cat really does look like he was doing homework. Reminds me of the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch ;)

  8. Oh my, that is some cat!! Too bad I didn't have little Ike in college to write all those papers for me! haha, cute!! He sounds like a wonderful family cat.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oops! I accidentally removed my post! Duh! Time to go to bed!

    This was a most excellent post! Loved hearing about Ike's shennanigans, and I laughed out loud at all the comments.

    Loved Jill's side trip on Hurricane Ike. You never know what chord is going to be struck by one of our posts. And the detour into the name thing is hilarious! I want to hear more about Earl!

  11. Ike certainly knows how to wear different hats! He is, apparently, a fine observer of human nature! I love the "homework" photos!

  12. Ha, that first "homework" photo totally made me LOl! I was going to bet you were going with the cat ate my homework, but I was wrong!

  13. What a great cat! I love the photos-- fantastic.

  14. Cats are so versatile. Love the way he adapts himself to each member of the family. He's such a lovely smokey grey!