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Friday, January 7, 2011

Chance of snow . . .

We dodged the bullet of the snow storm that was in the forecast. And to show life is stranger than fiction - the kids were actually happy it missed us because they just want to get their finals finished. Weird right?


  1. That is a cute one!

    So, did you make this little guy, or is he one of your fav winter decorations?

    For the kids for finals . . . maybe they are learning (or have learned) that the sooner you get your work done, the sooner you can play with a calm mind!

  2. I can totally understand them - I would want to get the finals over with! Cute snowman!

  3. Love the snowman! I would probably want to get the finals over with too!

  4. Love your shot and the way you processed it. Looks so cozy and inviting. That's funny about the kids being disappointed in not having a snow day! Hope finals went well!

  5. neat pic, makes you feel right at home

  6. I like the processing on this. Go figure they want to take their finals.

  7. Cute snowman! I can understand wanting finals out of the way. Then it's time for serious fun.