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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

companionship . . .

My husband sheepishly asked me how I was enjoying the peace and quiet now that everyone has returned to work and school. I barely responded "its okay". I didn't mention to him anything about my new acquaintance, my walking companion.

Each day that I've taken my walk, (all 2 of them), I've been met by a companion. I'll call him Golden because when I asked his name he looked at me like I was being impertinent. So we got down to the business of walking with no further discussion.

To be brutally honest, he somewhat lacks in courtesy. Aside from the fact that he takes a whiz on every other bush or tree, he mostly walks ahead of me. I get the impression he doesn't want the neighbors to think we're together. But we are ...

clearly, we are. I mean just look at how he keeps looking back to make sure I'm following at a proper distance.

But mostly my view is this . . .

or at least until he gets distracted.

really distracted . . .

or even carried away with distraction.

but its all good because he never fails to meet back up with me to end the walk,

and then we part ways. He goes right towards his house and I go left in the direction of mine.


  1. Great shots and great story. Maybe one of these days he will tell you his name! What a fun post!

  2. how sweet!!!
    I do hope his owners notice he is gone though!
    what sweet photos!

  3. Very sweet and great pictures!!!! Funny too! :-)

  4. That was so sweet! What a cute dog too!

  5. I hope you share that 2nd shot w/his owners because it is great.

  6. He looks like a lovely old soul kinda dog. I think all the shots you took of him are so sweet.

  7. His eyes in that 2nd picture are great!

  8. I like how you told the story! He is a handsome fellow!

  9. Those are great! It looks like he enjoys the walks so much!

  10. How sweet that he follows you while you walk! What a great buddy!

  11. What a cute dog! Love the photos. :)