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Sunday, January 16, 2011

food food . . .

food food food

Pioneer Woman is holding a challenge to photograph food on her website.
The concept is fairly basic, however the reality is much more complex.
I know this because over the years I have made a few attempts:

ok, more than a few...

Taking your favorite dish and making it look causal and mouth watering at the same time takes proper lighting, timing, and more importantly, privacy. Nothing takes the buzz out of getting "the shot" quicker than -

"could you get it over with, I'm hungry".

Well, maybe
"what ARE you doing?"

and then there's the
"why are you taking a picture of THAT?"

best yet:
"oh boy, NOW she's taking pictures of our dinner!"

In fact, I believe a family member voiced concerns that
taking pictures of a random piece of broccoli along the side of the road qualifies me
for one of those fitted straight jackets with an all expenses paid trip to the funny farm!

seriously, who throws broccoli out along the side of the road?
[cause taking pictures of it seems perfectly logical to me!]


  1. The ice cream shot is my fave. I too have tried food shots in the past and it is not easy to do in my opinion.
    OH and WHO wouldn't stop to photograph broccoli thrown on the side of the road. I would as long as I noticed it was there.

  2. Yeah food shots are really hard, because someone usually IS rushing you! Those are gorgeous though. ESPECIALLY the broccoli!

  3. I love the ice cream shot! The broccoli is hilarious, too! :)

  4. Love them! Especially the ice cream shot! Nice work!

  5. I love that ice cream shot! Food photos are tricky. I tried to get a decent shot of my soup the other night and none did it justice.

  6. Fantastic food shots! And lol at your families comments. I get the same ones :)

  7. I have never tried food shots. I need too try one day soon. Love that ice cream shot, except now I want, no, NEED some!

  8. Food shots really ARE hard! The ice cream shot is very appealing! But the broccoli is hysterical! (You can tell us; did you put it there for photographic purposes?)

  9. goodness, your post made me giggle!

    The food shots are great though.

  10. youve got some really nice photos of food here. it was a food post for me today too =D

  11. I don't get the broccoli on the side of the road... who would put it there??!! LOL - Great shots, especially love the ice cream one!

  12. i love those food pics and was laughing at the broccoli on the side of the road!

  13. STOP! Now I need to go raid the kitchen, you've made me hungry! :)