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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Expectations . . .

Every other year I am compelled to take pictures of footprints in the snow, each time envisioning something other than what I capture. At this point I don't even know what it is; but apparently it seems like a good idea at the time because I have been known to get down on the ground for some of these shots.

[circa 2007]
who walks like that? toe-heel, toe-heel?? and what gives with the circles?

[circa 2009]
again with the foot-on-foot. Perhaps a bunny in tennis-shoes? hop hop hop ??? I don't know.
Our son has been likened to a giraffe, maybe this is what their prints look like in the snow.

[circa 2011]

now this makes more sense - a herd of teenagers, a regular footprint party!

Hopefully 2013 will bring my vision of footprints in the snow to fruition.

or maybe I'll just keep on the hunt for the Abominable Snowman
- or whatever it is leaving these prints.


  1. like the last one, not sure why, maybe the texture it makes :)

  2. I like the last one too. The other two... you're right. Who walks like that? Kind of makes you wonder... LOL!

  3. Great tradition! Your descriptions made me laugh! Who does walk like that?!

  4. I think I'm too busy trying not to fall on my butt to notice the footsteps in snow. I must start paying attention!

  5. Seriously, what IS with those circles? Was someone on a pogo stick? These are great!

  6. Things that make you go HUH? Really who walks like that. Cool pictures.

  7. Oh, for shame! You're picking on the handicapped! I think that's a one-legged person with a BIG crutch!(or a pirate with a wooden leg) And they're staggering a little bit, because they drank too much rum.

    Oh, and the book on my blog is not a blurb book, but a blog2print or sharedbook. It was extremely easy to make, and before Christmas they were running some specials (which I suspect if a very frequent thing.) I sent them a "support" question, and rapidly got an answer that the photos could be sRGB (they prefer RGB) and that the 72 dpi resolution would be fine. I really didn't want to spend much time on this, just get a little sampling of posts from the summer. I didn't want to be perfectionistic about it, and since it wasn't very expensive, I was willing to be quite casual about it. So I just rapidly put it together, let Doug give it to me for Christmas, and now I'm really, really glad I did it! I'll appreciate it a lot in the future, went the technology of blogs may be long-gone, as just a little memento of this fun chapter in our lives. I really did approach this as "perfection is the enemy of the good" so it would become a huge time-consuming project. I hope you make one!

  8. I meant "wouldn't" not "would become time-consuming!"

  9. LOL - makes you wonder who walked in these boots!!

  10. Angela - thanks for the info on the book. I'm going to have to go check them out.

    As for the handicapped - I wondered if it was a cane. But we have no one with a cane at this time (knock on wood) - nor do we have any one-footed beasts. Talk about 2 left feet!!! - and that would be the Boy. He has grown so much in a short time that he trips over his own feet. I'm guessing the dots were maybe the remnants of a cat - probably dodging to get out of his way.