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Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowbound . . .

We didn't get that much snow - it was the rainy, icy layer that formed below it that has us snowbound today. What makes this even better is the forecast of yet another, "larger" storm predicted for the start of next week. The Senior cheered. She has an absolute stop date to school this year. The Freshman jeered. He doesn't need a crystal ball to foretell that he'll be going to school for an extended period of time to make-up for these days. It is rumored that our county BOE has made a decision to go to year-round school in the future. I would venture to say we are pretty close to that already considering the assigned work the kids have every scheduled day off. So all things considered, I guess today should be viewed a holiday of special proportion because it is relatively school work free. Yeah, right!?!


  1. Nicki--loving these cardinal shots!! There is nothing quite like that punch of red during the dreary winter to perky one up. We don't have cardinals out here--they aren't west of the Rockies, and I miss seeing them. I remember putting half oranges out of the bird feeder for them; they loved those.

  2. So pretty. One of my goals for the year is to get some bird shots. I put feeders out for humingbirds - but not sure I'm ready for that challenge.

  3. I think I will try to get some more bird shots too. I have only ever tried once and that with with a Robin. I am just never quick enough! Forget young kids... birds are hard!!

    I agree with Pat, I LOVE how it stands out against the dull Winter colours.

  4. You have some amazing birds in your area! I love his color against the snow. Awesome!

  5. I've heard all the arguments supporting year-round school and I still can't get behind it. I can only speak for myself, but I relished those homework-free, uniform-free, project-free summer months. Even when they were busy with summer activities, the pace was slower, and different. I'm glad that those issues are behind me now that my kids are in college.

    I love those cardinals! Great captures!