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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hip*sta*matic . . .

sounds geriatric, or maybe like some 70s dance move. It is actually the latest cell phone fad for the over 20s crowd, (ha! who am I kidding - more like the over 30s/40s crowd). It is a cell phone camera app that lets you take oddly different pictures by letting you change out the lens, the film, and/or the flash. I have only invested in what comes with the initial app partially because I wanted to see if it was truly "all that", and partially because the Boy gets a little grouchy if you spend any of his iTunes money.

film: Kodot X Grizzled
lens: Jimmy

For the most part, I find it intriguing but am not convinced I would purchase any additional film (even if they are only around $2). While there are some who have dedicated entire blogs to their hipstamatic pictures, I'm not sure I'm that into it. Maybe once I actually figure it out and explore it more I might change my mind. (ahem, I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure out how to change the film and lens.)


  1. Interesting! Thanks for explaining the term---I've heard a little bit about Hipstamatics, but had no idea what they were! (duh)

  2. Cool-- I like the vintage feel of these.

  3. Those are cool shots, and I like the effects you got. I had the app but couldn't really see what everyone was getting excited about. Eh...

  4. *smile* Once you find the lens and film combo you like, you might become ADDICTED like the rest of us! It's like when you got your very first prime lens and suddenly realized how AWESOME some things could look! LOVE your photos!

  5. Boy, if it took you a while to change the lens, I can only imagine how long it would take me. I think I'll pass . . .

  6. I love your photos, though. This is an app, right? You are 'virtually' changing a lens, right? I guess you can tell I haven't tried it. But with the way you take landscape photos, and the way it enhances them, I would think this would be a great match for you.

  7. Would love to a camera in my phone or my itouch - such fun shots!

  8. Now I really believe there "is" an app for everything! Nice captures!