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Saturday, March 5, 2011

POTD: leading lines . . .

This week's photo of the day theme is leading lines. My first shot has a lot of lines, but I'm not sure where they are leading. I just remember looking towards the Capitol silhouetted by the tree and thought to myself how pretty that would be. Getting to the proper position to capture just the top of the Capitol and the tree without all the other miscellaneous things was a whole different matter. Somewhere in the process, my eyes had cropped out everything else, but the camera just couldn't manage the same crop.

Waiting for the Girl to finish up after school one day, the lines of the main office entrance intrigued me. And the hipstamatic app on the phone. Again, lots of lines, not necessarily leading.

now this is more like it - the leading lines direct your visual interest down the road to see what is there.


  1. Oh but it's still pretty, pretty, pretty though, even if the lines aren't leading where you want them to! I HATE than, when I can't get the camera to see exactly what I do!!!!!

    I didn't do the leading lines, even though I saw the perfect gate in someone's driveway. Still way too deep in the master's thing and parent teacher conferences coming up next week. But maybe I'll just do it late! :-)

  2. Love all the lines! I love the capital/tree shot and that last one is awesome!

  3. Sun! That's a change!
    I love those last two! I love the entrance to your daughter's school. Looks so friendly and... clean. I think ours looks more like a prison than a school.
    Ok, you have to talk about prom dresses sometime! Did you manage to buy one?? I foresee a post coming up! I know what you mean about exhausting! I really should start thinking about a dress for my Year13 one in July. My Mum doesn't understand why I don't wear the same one! Oh dear... lol