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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

who's watching you . . .

I think he's laughing at my futile attempt to photograph him!

yes, we are back to watching birds out the door. Mr. Cardinal is such a tease, he will swoop in, chow for awhile, and at the first sign of movement inside the house - off he goes.

Mrs. Cardinal, on the other hand, was curious and ventured a little closer.

Check out the evil eye I got for scaring her off. Apparently it's me that scares them, and not the fur duo at the door. Silly birds, I just want a picture, on the other hand, they are licking their lips, and I'm pretty sure one of them exclaimed "yummm, spicy!"


  1. ROFL, I loove these! Love the one of your cats watching the bird. And my cat gives me that same evil eye!

  2. that last shot, that look is too funny :)

  3. Love that last shot too - too cute! And how fun to get those beautiful birds in your backyward!