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Saturday, March 12, 2011

recurring theme . . .

It would appear that those April showers necessary to bring May flowers has arrived early this year. If we would be having normal March temperatures, we would be talking snow, and lots of it. As it is, we're talking flooding. But all things considered, we can't complain - especially in light of recent events around the world weather wise. While the water is rising, we are fortunate to be situated high enough that even if it floods the entry/exit for the development - we are dry. We can't go any where, but we are dry.


  1. I love rain on a window screen :) Thank God for high ground.

  2. Nice capture, pretty much sums up the recent weather around here to.

  3. We are in a similar situation. If the are WAS the flood, we are lucky in that we wouldn't be at risk.
    I love watching rain.. just not being in it!