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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and other stuff . . .

The Prom is this weekend and while my daughter has all the pieces, we are still a little vague on how we are going to assemble them (rides, dinner, etc).

Thank you for all the well wishes about the college selection. Sending out the decline letters (especially to Univ. of Chicago) left a tinge of remorse - but her giddiness and excitement over her new friendships (thank you FaceBook) only reinforces this decision.


  1. Ooh... How pretty! And how exciting!

  2. Love the earrings - especially the blurry one in the front!

    Did you make this set? Beautiful!

  3. Wow! I'm behind the times yet again - I never even would have thought of pre-making college friends via facebook! Great idea though!

  4. Beautiful jewelry shots. I'm sure all the pieces of the prom will come together beautifully! Exciting times ahead!

  5. Oh, Nicki! Did you have to show me such pretty jewelry? I have a weakness for earrings. These are beautiful!!!!