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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

proxy . . .

While at the University of Chicago we had the good fortune to visit the Oriental Museum that was housing early Egyptian artifacts.
Except for one or two items, these are not simulated - they are the 'real deal'.

I was especially drawn to the prayers; miniature statues that a person would place at the Temple in their absence and consequently still receive the blessings. This sounds like a good plan which makes me wonder why it ever fell out of style.

Though some appear to be forming their hands to make fart noises
(which my husband tried to teach the kids numerous times).

So of course I started wondering if they also served the purpose of a written excuse, if you will,
as to why you would not be present.
"Sorry, I can't attend because I keep making farting sounds with my hands while at Temple."
"Sorry, I seem to have lost my head - and won't be able to attend Temple."
"oy, stomach cramps, diarrhea, gas ... you get the picture!"

.... probably not. But still a crafty idea.


  1. Really really fascinating - love the details!

  2. OMG I was ROFL at your comments and that last shot! Do you think if I got one of those statues and sent it with my Mother-in-law she would stop trying to get me to attend her church?

  3. Very cool details in these little statues! Nice captures and love your comments!

  4. I love the detail you captured in the statue with the black background. And I love your ideas on the hand clasping....LOL! So funny.