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Thursday, April 7, 2011

bean counter . . .

Today in the news:

* Glenn Beck is leaving his own show. Not surprised.

* Tina Fey is pregnant. Congratulations!

* The Government is facing a shut down
and President Obama says it would be "inexcusable". Yes, it would.
{I believe the same could be said about spending like there is no tomorrow.}

and Charlie Sheen is STILL in the news. Why?!!!


  1. Why is Charlie still in the news?

    And I never get that many black jb's (I love them).

    Cute shot today.

  2. Don't understand why Charlie is still making the news... but I do want some of these jelly beans!! :)

  3. Love your colorful jelly beans! Such a happy picture. And yes, whenever I see Charlie Sheen or hear him mentioned, I just want to scream, "Your 15 minutes is up! Please go away!!" :)

  4. Charlie Sheen annoys me to high Heaven and back!
    Would love some of the jelly beans!