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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where's Waldo . . .

This year Easter falls on April 24th. Next year it will be on April 8th and in 2013 it will be March 31st. Figuring out 'when is Easter' is like a game of 'Where's Waldo'. I know it falls in conjunction to the Jewish Passover and apparently that is based on the solar and lunar cycles, but what I don't get is why. It is widely known that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th, and yet we celebrate his birth on that absolute day each and every year - no sliding scale between say 12/25 - 3/1. I guess a 30 day window is not bad considering how long ago the events happened, but I do admit to scratching my head in bewilderment each year wondering 'when is Easter'.

[this is a sugar egg made by a very nice lady I worked with years ago.
everything is hand made except for the surprise chick and fake grass inside.]


  1. What a beautiful egg!! And I am confused too about Easter...!

  2. That is beautiful! I love the little chick inside!

  3. Oh yeah, but at least you only have the one holiday like that. ALL our holidays change around every year! Although, we get a whole calendar that tells all of the days. You could get a Jewish calendar and see if it's some certain number of days before or after Passover!

  4. cute :)

    and since I quit going to church, I really never know when Easter is!

  5. I can never keep up with Easter! I can't believe someone can make something so pretty and small. I can't even ice a cake properly!