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Monday, April 11, 2011

little diddy . . .

tell me if you've heard it before.

"could you just put the camera away?"

A familiar tune from a familiar source.
Some how the Girl doesn't think I'm paying attention when I'm snapping pictures.
One day she'll figure out that moms can see and hear
even when it doesn't appear that they are looking or listening.
one day!


  1. Such fun pictures, and yes I've heard that comment from my kids more times than I can count! Funny, though, how they always want to see the pictures on my camera when we return from somewhere when they had been insisting I not take their pictures!

  2. Too funny! Fun mural! I love The Girl!

  3. Interesting wall and such fun detail to photograph. These days I don't hear "Could you put that camera away;" I just get "punished" with surly glares and very practice camera blocking moves. It's actually quite hopeless!

  4. Oh how I would love to shoot there! Love me some colour!

  5. REALLY neat murals!!!!! And I hear that ALL the time!!!!!!!!

    Also, I sent you peamail!