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Saturday, April 16, 2011

OMG Chicago . . .

One college left before the final decision, but I have to tell you, Chicago gave everyone a run for the money. The Girl's graduation gift list may have just changed from wanting a new bike to arctic wear. We were all very impressed. Beautiful campus. Impressive program. So many opportunities. And windy - can you say 'understatement'. It will come as no surprise that I took lots and lots of pictures which I will share in time; but right now the husband is showing us all the horrid winter pictures from Chicago this past winter (I think someone other than MOM is having separation anxiety).


  1. Chicago - would love to go there!! but the Winters are like here I think - cold!!

  2. Chicago!!!!! I grew up in that area. . . and the winters are a breeze compared to ND! Seriously, so much warmer, no need even for car plug-ins. Sure, you need a good ice scraper, but it's got much better growing zones and more non-winter months! And, oh, those museums! My husband and I joke that someday we have to go back to visit, but hide from our relatives, so we can wander the city and explore like tourists! Just think of all the photo ops! You must be starting to hit decision time soon. Hang in there!

  3. Oh! And in between their snowfalls, the stuff melts! It doesn't stick around for months and months, leaving them with November snow in April. And since some past political bruhahas, their snow-removal efforts are practically Olympian! They're out plowing the roads before you barely have time to get decent photos! (Although the snow did give the plows a run for their money this past winter.)

  4. So exciting that you're getting close to a decision. Definitely cold winters in the Windy City, but what a great opportunity! Nate, my oldest, is doing an internship in Chicago this summer, so I'm hoping for a vacation there to visit him. :)
    Oh, and I LOVE your shot with this post!