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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prom . . .

Generally I'm against wishing my life away, but I must say that I am so glad today is over with. This evening is my daughter's Senior Prom and it has been brutal. The reality is that when it comes to pictures and the Girl, I should throw any forethought or planning out the window because her complete and utter disdain at being photographed will leave you beaten down, sore, and emotionally drained.

She did look beautiful and seemed genuinely excited to meet up with her friends for a fun evening. So at least today wasn't a total wash.


  1. She is so beautiful! Love her red dress! Glad you got a smile!

  2. She's beautiful!!! It's a shame she doesn't let you photograph her more, she's so pretty. Love that dress too!

  3. Very pretty! The daughter, the dress AND the photos! And I have one like that wait! Two like that!

  4. {{{hug}}} I'm so sorry it was difficult. She is gorgeous! Maybe she doesn't feel gorgeous. I'm a big girl; and what other people see as a pretty picture of me, I see how bad I look. Because I don't measure up in my own mind. I want to be thin (again), so anything other than smokin' hot cosmopolitan cover girl shots (like I used to look, although I was never magazine cover worthy) speak negativity and shame to me. I'm sure you know all that already. I know understanding that doesn't make being Mom and wanting those shots of your daughter any easier, though. Still, they are really pretty.

  5. Beautiful girl! I LOVE her dress. The color is fabulous and it looks gorgeous on her! Hope she had a wonderful time! I was sad doing Parker's prom pictures since it was his last dance of high school, but it's great to have the photos to preserve the memories.

  6. How I waited for this post! How did I miss it? She looks so so beautiful! I am so glad she enjoyed herself! She deserves it! I LOVE the location and composition of that first shot! I wish I had prom pictures like this!