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Sunday, May 1, 2011

root of the problem . . .

Yesterday's photography frustrations did not lie solely with The Girl (who was at the height of impatience, intolerance, and being a teenager), or with The Mother | Photographer (who was perhaps guilty of setting lofty expectations); nor did they lie with The Camera (which was being difficult, but doing what it had been told). A day where the morning photo shoot ended up at noon, where the designated photo locations were filled with tournament participants, and where the the meter on the camera was anything but reliable. Frankly, a day where frustrations boiled over and I, for one, succumbed to tears and defeat.

But after a good night's sleep, and a husband who understands that to have a happy house is to have a happy mommy, and that often involves researching camera stuff - I believe we figured out the root to the problem - an accidental / misapplied setting on the camera.

So it looks like the camera might live another day to serve my objective of tormenting the family with pictures; the Girl is content after a wonderful time at the dance; and there is peace in the neighborhood.


  1. The flower photo is STUNNING! Love your way with words, takes the reader right into your world.

  2. That is an utterly beautiful iris! I'm glad you got your camera figured out. Otherwise I might have been cheated out of this lovely image that I'll carry with me all day tomorrow.

    By the way, I read your post about the Royal Wedding. I taped two different channels to make sure that I wouldn't miss a detail that another station might have ommitted. I've also found that has the best images of the wedding, especially a fantastic description of the cake. I'm with you. I just love the pageantry of a Royal wedding.

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband to help you figure it all out. That's a great blessing, isn't it? I'm going to go look at the prom pictures now. : )

  4. I'm always afraid of an accidental/misapplied setting. Glad it's fixed and very, very pretty!!!!!

  5. What beautiful photos to mark your "comeback"! The bokeh on the bud, and the detail on the open iris with the water droplets are just beautiful!

  6. Beautiful shots of the flowers - glad you fixed the problem with the camera!

  7. Sorry you were having such frustration, but glad that you figured out the problem. Your flower shots are gorgeous!!