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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CHARACTER approved . . .

You can't post Disney pictures without some Character shots; well, at least I can't.

I sorta miss my children being the age where they wanted to be photographed beside the character - none-the-less, I still enjoy snapping their picture as we pass them on our way to the next ride. I've come to accept the occasionally miscellaneous child or adult and crop and blur is Character approved when dealing with these pictures.

{ok, the Mexican Donald had to lose a hand on this crop - but I have a quest to see how many Donald pictures I can get each visit}

... and then there are the ones from parades and shows. A regular Character.palooza!


  1. Great captures! Love the Donald Duck ones!

  2. Nice! It's hard to get them without someone else in the shot. I have a plethora of character shots from our trip--kids and family with the characters. My DD (who is 33) HAD to have her photo taken with Mary Poppins, her favorite. When she was in college, she was offered a job to BE Mary Poppins, but turned it down as something more life-relevant opened up to her. But, she has a soft spot in her heart for Mary. Love the shot of Rapunzel. The crowds were so thick and the lines so long we couldn't get anywhere near her.

  3. So fun to see all my favorite characters!

  4. Cute! The toy story soldier guy makes me a little...claustrophobic? I think? I can't imagine having to work with something over my face like that!

    OH! LIKE how your stuff is down at the bottom! Maybe that's what I need to do instead of a sidebar. I've been having bloggy picture size problems.