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Friday, July 1, 2011

and then there were the shows . . .

I have so many pictures from shows, rides, and parades. I even managed to squeeze in some of the family. Not to say the Evil Queen is family, but my husband generally infers that I'm one of her direct descendants, (and a card carrying member of the League of Disney Villains). I will neither confirm nor deny those allegations.


  1. Just tell your husband that it takes one to know one the next time he gives you a hard time! We missed out on the shows...pretty hard with little ones, although we did do Turtle Talk with Crush, which was a HOOT!

  2. The shows must be so much fun!! and I'm sure your are nothing like the Evil Queen!

  3. Oh these are very nice!!! Love the second one! And the first one... :-)

    I can't imagine you as any relation to an evil queen though. :-)