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Saturday, July 2, 2011

whatta ride . . .

I am slowly, but surely, weeding through the vast number of pictures from our Disney trip. No doubt some of you are asking yourself - "where did she find the time to take a couple thousand pictures?" because lets face it, Disney World is non-stop go-go-go, and not exactly a slow paced relaxing vacation destination. Well, here's my (not so) secret - MOTION SICKNESS! Quite often I am sitting out a ride due to extreme motion sickness, so while the family is enjoying themselves with speed and exhilaration - I take pictures. The first year they opened Expedition Everest I got caught up in my son's enthusiasm and convinced myself I could merely "will myself" to not get sick. Big Mistake. Just the thought of that day gives me a tinge of nausea.

Getting ready for this trip I looked to see if Disney had any photography tours, a photo-walk of sorts, and couldn't find anything. The idea reoccurred to me on route to the kids' first ride of the day at Epcot when I noticed that the World Showcase is closed until 11 a.m.. Think about it, early in the morning before the sweltering heat and globs of people, that location would be perfect for a photo-walk with its limitless details. Perhaps I'll submit a suggestion on one of their message boards. At any rate, that is how I spend a lot of my time at Disney, and how the vacation never ends because I get to come home and sort and relive the fun through masses of pictures.


  1. I'm loving the Disney photos so no appologies needed as far as I'm concerned. I'm always amazed by the attention to detail at Disney!

  2. Great perspective on today's photo. Did you use a wide angle lens or did you shoot the reflection in a rounded window?

    Great colors in yesterday's shot! The evil step mother looked so pretty...too bad she's the evil step mother ;)

  3. I get motion sickness sometimes, but I never realized there was an upside to it!

  4. Very cool photo.

    Epcot was my favorite place at Disney to take pictures. A photography tour would be a great idea :-)

  5. Hi, there! Just visiting today. I tend to get motion sickness, too! I don't like roller coasters or that sinking sensation in the stomach when one of those aparatus lunges downward. I am quite happy to sit on the sidelines and not feel one itty bitty bit deprived, especially when people watching is so much fun! BTW - you asked about Angela and she is just fine. She's just been extremely busy and needing to take a break from the blog. I'm hoping she'll get back to it one of these days because I miss her posts, too!

  6. Ah---I have the same problem as you, and so spend my "waiting" time shooting. The carousel is about my speed; that and Peter Pan! I did a book of architectural details this time--doors and windows and lights. Really fun looking for all that stuff in the different kingdoms.