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Sunday, July 3, 2011

WDW BoardWalk Resort . . .

Years ago my husband and I decided to become Disney Vacation Club members and the BoardWalk Resort is our "home" location where it is always nice to hear "Welcome Home".

I realized my original post was a little on the moaning and groaning side, which was not my intent - so I removed it to redirect the focus on our new found discoveries while at the BoardWalk. We found a new location for games as well as a quicker entry into the hotel during a downpour. So all the little things that lead one to grumble just weren't all that important.


  1. Sorry to hear about WDW's less than stellar performance. I would have been upset with the lack luster conditions and housekeeping. I think vacations should be posh and cushy. At least you got spectacular photos, a wonderful time with your family, and know in future years that it will be better than ever!

  2. Thanks Amanda - I re-read my post and it struck me as 'griping' which was not my point. Well, maybe a little bit of my point. I decided to redirect the focus to the more positive aspect of our trip - which far outweighed any of the negatives.

  3. Looks like a fabulous place! We usually stay at the Yacht Club, which is right across from you. Love the Brownie camera--that would be a Face-in-a-Strange-Place in my book. That carousel horse seen through the window is scary-looking! I don't know if I'd want to ride him!

  4. What is that on the first photo? Is that the top of a chandelier? How awesome! No one does "detail" like Disney. No one.

  5. Maria - that is the large chandelier as you come into the lobby - with crystal chandeliers scattered through the lobby. I need to get a ultra wide angle to do it justice. And Disney wrote the book on details for sure.

  6. Sorry you didn't get a wonderful stay at your hotel. Glad you took some wonderful pics though!