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Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney is exhausting . . .

plain and simple. The standing joke has always been that we need a vacation to rest up from our vacation. {Truer words were never said.} Then we came up with the master plan to take 2 weeks instead of one and spread out the fun - and it seemed to be working pretty good until this year. This year something jumped the track, and frankly my dear, I am pooped! The humane thing to do would be to shoot my tennis shoes and put them out of their misery. As for leaving the camera behind - somehow I still managed to take over 1000 pictures - 500 on the cell phone alone. Oh my! The sorting will keep me busy for a good while. So so many stories from this trip - not the least being the trek to the boat in the down-pouring rain. After the park had closed. And the boats should have run their last route. Suffice it to say, it wasn't a pretty sight. But right now, I need to tend to laundry then get some rest.


  1. Cinderella never looked so wonderful. Is that a painting or mosiac? I hate doing laundry when we get home from a trip. It is a terrible to have to "work" on your last day of vacation! Can't wait to see your other photos.

  2. Oh that's pretty! I've got to read ahead or behind to see about this lack of electronics thing but yeah, you might have a big sorting job ahead of you. I took 1000 on my vacation in April and I'm still at it!