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Monday, June 27, 2011

tap tap tap . . .

testing testing

Finally home only to find ourselves with no internet, no telephone, no TV. No kidding!
After taking care of a few necessary tasks, I will start posting some pictures from our trip, in the meantime I'll post some pictures taken with my iphone during our visit to Animal Kingdom.

By the time our park rotation came around to Animal Kingdom
I was dreading it.
My body ached at the very thought.
My deodorant was waiving the white flag in anticipation of the perspiration.
Every Disney trip we find Animal Kingdom to be
and if it weren't for a few choice rides and some entertaining shows,
we would likely scratch it off the park rotation all together.
But this visit we were pleasantly surprised to find it {relatively} comfortable.
Mind you, my approach to any self-guided attraction was to
look, quickly snap a picture, then search out
the first available fan or (preferably) air conditioning.
Not as educational, but certainly cooler.
I figured that after numerous visits to Animal Kingdom if I haven't been educated about the animals or regions by now -
it wasn't going to happen this trip.


  1. Nicki, I recognize all those photos---in fact, I have the stone mural with that adorable owl. I love the Indian designs and murals in that portion of the AK. Sorry about the heat; it wasn't that bad when we were there in March. LOVE the border on these---so cool!

  2. Glad your Internet service is back up! Great pictures - amazing what an iPhone can do :-)

  3. Well you got the good pictures AND the a/c and/or fan then!

  4. I bet you are happy to have every thing up and runing again. Fun shots.

  5. I love how colorful AK is! Great captures! These bring back memories!

  6. Glad to see you back posting! And glad you didn't suffer too much from the heat. Great shots!

  7. You crack me up! Disney is exhausting, that's for sure! You are a brave soul to go at this time of year, too! But the pictures are so worth it!

  8. Welcome back :) I like how you've made the murals into little paintings!