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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mandatory requirements . . .


Hollywood Studios

Boardwalk (Epcot fireworks viewed over ESPN restaurant)

Magic Kingdom

When we first started going to Disney World with the kids there was no impulse to take pictures of fireworks. We did video the first or second visit - but not a lot of pictures per se. However once they got a little older, that was an entirely different story and as you can well imagine, I have amassed 100s of 'fireworks pictures'. I don't know what it is about fireworks, but there is something that just commands you to capture them in a picture. Perhaps the next visit I'll go back to merely observing - but I doubt it.


  1. Love the laser show and fireworks shots :) You're right about wanting to capture them; I am hoping to take some firework pictures this weekend!

  2. Great shots, Nicki! I feel the same way; I just want to get them captured. LOVE the shot of the gazebo at the Boardwalk; we stayed at the Yacht Club and so had that view of the fireworks every night. Your castle shot is perfection. Did you use a tripod? Were you on the balcony at the RR station?

  3. Thank you Pat. We stay at BoardWalk each visit and oddly this is the first time I've had my camera on me at night. As for the castle shot - no tripod (in fact, all the crazy that lead up to my pictures of fireworks at the Magic Kingdom deserves a separate post). As it was, rather in a pre-determined location to watch fireworks, we ended up in the street crowd down near the ice cream shop because our ride schedule got messed up due to weather.

  4. Fantastic Photos! I really love the fantasmic photo of Mickey!

  5. You did a great job capturing the fireworks!! I especially love that last shot!!

  6. Yes, great job on the fireworks! I've never tried firework pictures at least not with any success. But I LOVE watching them on fourth of July. It's such a simple joy. I hope we get to have them this year - it's been such horrible drought that I imagine they'll cancel a lot of them.