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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

admiration . . .

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

While some photographers get a little territorial about their composition/style/pose and rant and vent when they see their 'photo style' on another photographer's site - most accept it as a complement. Lets face it, at some point everyone has looked at another person's work and said "wow, I like how that looks. I wish my pictures looked like that." then set off to recreate the same lighting/pose/composition.

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest (warning: this site is addicting) - but I also get a lot of inspiration from every-day, home-grown photographers like myself. One such person is Pat who takes truly incredible dew drop macro pictures. the view through my lens

My futile efforts leave me researching macro converters because sometimes somethings can not be recreated without a little extra help.


  1. Oh yeah - I have pictures on my flickr with file names that read "trying to copy Pat again". :-)

  2. Oh and also, I don't understand the pintrest thing yet. I know it must be good because the thread on 2peas generated such interest. I'm a little afraid though - I already have so many interesting yet not terribly productive things to do on the internet!

  3. Nicki, I really like the curve on this hosta stem---I've never seen one do that. Very cool. And (I am blushing) it's just practice, practice, practice. Also, some of my shots are actually using a P&S!

  4. See, I just didn't need to hear Pat say that sometimes she uses a P&S. My P&S pictures will never, ever be as good as hers! Pat's photos leave me breathless! Just recently PINTEREST has come under my radar but I don't really understand it. I'd love it if you'd explain it in another post.

  5. Love pinterest - spends way to much time there! And Nicki - beautiful hosta shot - will try my hand at it this morning - not that mine will look as good as yours or Pat's!

  6. Maria - I remember reading (somewhere, 2peas?) when I first got my camera that the macros on point & shoots are usually quite good - better than DSLRs if you lack the proper lens (which I do). And I've gotten some pretty good macros out of the p&s...I mean, for ME they're good. :-) :-) :-)