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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this thing called Pinterest . . .

What is it?
How do you use it?

Good questions.

It is a site on the internet that is currently all the rage and if I'm being honest, I'm not sure how it got so popular so quickly. I will confess that I ventured over purely out of curiosity, looked around, and still didn't get it. So I took up an invite to "join" figuring maybe I was missing the point by merely looking. But that is it. Looking. That is the whole point. Looking around. Looking at food, (some food comes with links to recipes, some food is just there to look at and drool). Looking at DIY projects, at people, places, and things; looking at sayings and products and at odd collections of items that are there because they are a certain color. From a pauper's view - I only look at and re-pin what other people have posted because I do not know how to pin from another site (and haven't invested the time to figure it out). But that is ultimately the idea of Pinterest. Taking an image of something you've seen on the internet and placing it in a single location for future reference. But where Pinterest (I believe) goes from being a virtual bulletin board to a popular craze is because it is constantly changing. You can flip from one page to another, then back and it has changed - there is more 'stuff'.

Will I ever have need for this collection of pictures, ideas, and 'stuff'? Who's to say. But for the time being, I enjoy browsing as I half-way listen to the TV, and have found several images to inspire me photographically.


  1. Interesting. I can't really decide whether to try it out or just hold my hands over my ears and say, "LALALALALA!!!!" :-) :-) :-)

    But thanks for explaining it!!!!!!!!!!!

    One thing I don't understand though - recently there was that thread on 2peas with the beautiful baseball pictures of the grandson who wanted them for a father's day present. So then the another pea commented that the original poster needed to watermark them, bec. she had seen them on pintrest.

    Why did their appearance cause the need for the watermarking more than her posting of them on 2peas? Are they dissociated from her website somehow once they are pinned?

  2. That last sentence is confusing I think! What I'm asking is, if she didn't care about having them watermarked on 2peas, why did she need to have them watermarked for pintrest? Does it not link to her website anymore once they've been "pinned"? Or is there another reason why not having them watermarked would be worse on pintrest than it would be on 2peas or flickr or wherever?

  3. I must have missed that post. Personally, I watermark just about everything I post on the internet, consequently, if it would be reposted on another site, my name is still associated with the image and if it is inappropriately replicated - I can take action against the person who copied it. If it is something I absolutely do not want to risk being copied in any way, shape or form - I don't put it on the internet. I even watermark items on my FaceBook, which is restricted to family and friends because if it is on the internet, you risk the chance of it being reposted.

  4. Thanks for the explanation, but dare I admit I'd never heard of it? And dare I also admit I haven't been watermarking anything? I'm just too, well. . . .lazy. I just don't see the point. And I just don't see anyone lining up to steal my photos; in fact, I'd probably be flattered if they did. . . but it seems like it must be for a league that I certainly don't feel I'm in!

    If there is a Pinterest, is there also a Puninterest?

    Oh, and Nicki, I really wanted to eavesdrop on your monologue of multiple cat voices/tones/attitudes etc!!!!!!

  5. I have yet to join the craze either, but I think it would be nice to have all the ideas I get in one spot instead of having them bookmarked.

  6. I love love love pinterest - spend way too much time there pinning recipes, photos, tutorials, etc., etc.!

  7. O.M.G. I felt like you...I questioned it???? THEN....dum de dum dum....I weakened - joined- and now I'm hooked - line and sinker!!!! If you are a dreamer as I's a good place to place your dreams...ya know!!

  8. I had seen the Pinterest site on a home design blog. The rooms that she had pinned on Pinterest were really interesting, but I couldn't figure out how that worked. Interesting. Thanks for the explanation.