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Friday, July 22, 2011

baby its hot outside . . .

so why am I posting a picture of a quilt?
because we are accumulating college bound 'stuff'.

You can imagine the look on the clerk's face when we asked for a certain size of winter boots. It was with great restraint that he subdued the urge to suggest a good pair of sandals; but when asked if the other store could hold a certain size for us, he slipped and said "it shouldn't be a problem, most people aren't shopping for boots right now." His face said "are you crazy" all over it, but it didn't matter because we were on a high from finally finding a bedding design that met the Girl's approval. Finally! Her dorm room decor is starting to take shape and we have checked the big purchase items off the list (until we get to books! ugh!). What is disheartening is how quickly the time to haul everything North is approaching. On top of which, our son's school is starting a week earlier this year - yuck!


  1. Love a good quilt! This one looks so perfect for wrapping around oneself and snuggling in.

    I will be thinking of you when college starts. Are you taking her up to school?

  2. I love how colorful the quilt is :) LOL about the winter boots! BTW, love that first peach shot from yesterday. The reflection, colors, and subject were perfect!

  3. lol about the guy thinking your crazy :). Your just planning ahead! Love the quilt!

  4. Shopping for boots in July!! I wish I could have seen the guy's face!! And love the quilt you choose!!

  5. You have a child that LIKES quilts? I love The Girl! Can I adopt her? On second thought . . . can I adopt her after she's out of college? The boot story reminded me of the time I went looking for sandals for my son . . . in December! John was given the part of Joseph in the school's Christmas pageant and we needed to come up with a costume, including sandals at a moment's notice. We got the sandals and some very strange looks.