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Sunday, July 31, 2011

girls and boys and heat . . .

A comment to my last post made note of the difference between packing for a girl heading off to college in contrast to doing the same for a boy. My husband and I came to a similar conclusion last evening when comparing our daughter's mentality about going off to school to that of her cousin. He is 'what ever', if I don't have what I need, I'll get it there, and a resounding "no" to his mother going along to drop him off. (wrong Harrison - so so wrong!). He exudes a nonchalant, off to have a good time, demeanor. On the other hand, our daughter has lists. Each trip to the store she sees items and contemplates their usefulness as weighted against whether or not it will fit in her dorm room. (for a procrastinator, she is a planner at heart.) Regardless of their approach - I am confident that they both have moments of doubt, flashes of fear, and episodes of excitement. And I know both will do well; after all, they got accepted on their own merits. Different but the same.

Yesterday morning I had the good fortune to have two willing subjects for me to practice my portrait photography (the Boy and his BFF). I was again reminded of the differences and similarities between a girl and a boy facing the same challenge. Struggling to find their comfort, trying to look good, hoping to appease the crazy person holding the camera all the while deflecting stares from the passing public. I was so impressed at how well both performed despite the increasing heat.

But OMG the heat. I gained immense respect for photographers who have to do photo-shoots in this ridiculous heat. I'm not ready for summer to be over - I want my boys and girls home longer, but as for this heat - I am so over it.


  1. I see so much of you in your son! He's such a handsome guy! Those eyes . . .

    And I bet you can't wait until all this packing/shopping is done! The Girl is going to be so ready!

  2. Glad your kids let you take some shots of them!! Doesn't show that it was hot - great shoot! You've got a beautiful girl and handsome boy!

  3. I LOVE the top one! The heat is something I have to remember always. It just doesn't bother me, and so I tend to forget that it might possibly bother the people I'm attempting to photograph! :-0

  4. I love the 3rd shot! And I agree that they both did a suberb job despite all the negative elements, especially the stares...that would probably get me the most! LOL. Oh, and send some heat our way please!

  5. Lovely captures! And they did awesome especially knowing that they were in miserable heat. I'm ready for it to cool down just a bit. I like how you have documented your daughters personality as she prepares to leave for collage.

  6. They look great! Good job on keeping their interest in the heat.

  7. I love the total look of "cool" both project even in "heat."

    Packing. Now THAT's heat! But the hottest moment is the leaving them, (gulp) there.

    *sigh* I'm trying to drink in the heat (what we have of it) to fuel us through our winter.

  8. How wonderful you were able to get pictures of them together before she heads off to school. Those last ones in the window are my favorite! :)