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Friday, July 29, 2011

wrap it up and tie it with a bow . . .

we've just about finished collecting all the necessities
to be hauled off 798 miles,
14 hours and 1 minute
to college.

and there is a general theme
"organized clutter"

so instead of ALL the stuffed animals
(and if she thought she could take them all, she would)
she compromised and will be taking the mini replicas of some of them
(actually - keychains)
and stuffing them into a nice little box.

- - - - - - - - - -

you may have noticed another general theme:
it has dictated her bedroom design for years,
influenced her wardrobe,
and consumed many hours of her time.

and it started with a little yellow thing called


  1. How sweet to find mini-replica's of her favorite friends. Love it!

  2. Must be hard to see her packing all her fave stuffed animals!

  3. Good Lord! I guess it's very different packing when you are a girl. I never had to worry about packing stuffed toys . . . It'll be interesting to see if next year she still wants to take them . . .