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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey Mickey . . .

hey Mickey you're so fine
you're so fine you blow my mind
hey Mickey
hey Mickey

(okay, its supposed to be Ricky - but you get the point....
and you can thank me later for putting that little tune in your head!)

Food is a big element to planning vacations
-- especially if you have teenagers
who start every conversation with "I'm hungry".
Going to Disney is no exception,
and since we stay in a villa with a fully equip kitchen
many of our meals are 'eat in'.
One of the bonuses to staying at BoardWalk is that when we go to EPCOT,
we can just take a break in the day and walk back to the room for lunch or a snack.
But while at other parks
we partake in the meals / snacks available there,
where just about everything imaginable comes shaped as Mickey.
Mickey cookies, ice creams, suckers,
straws, rice-crispy treats, you name it.
And for your added pleasure, if its shaped like a Mickey
you get the privilege of paying a little extra.
I looked at the Mickey rice-crispy cake and
wondered - who would pay $50 for an over-sized
(probably dry) rice-crispy treat.
Sure it looks good,
but $50.
No Thanks!
Hey Mickey, you're NOT that fine!


  1. I agree about the added price to allow one the pleasure of biting into Mickey's (or Donalds', or Minnie's) head. Great captures, though. Don't you love going to eat at Epcot? I could seriously move into the patisserie in Paris!

  2. :) I will be singing/humming/whistling that song for awhile! Great photos! The price of food at amusement parks, especially Disney, is outrageous.

  3. I can't imagine paying $50 for a rice crispy Mickey! But wow. Someone must be willing. I love your Disney pictures! Such fun!

  4. Also, I was going to express my condolences about your friend's husband. So sad.

  5. Nicki, you know, I think you are one of the very best photographers on this board. I LOVE visiting your blog each never disappoint!! Both your words and you photos are so wonderful and I enjoy them each day!!! (Love your sense of humor too!)
    Just wanted you to know that....

  6. Nancy - thank you, you made my day. I am honored to even be considered among the photographers on the board.

  7. Nicki, I agree! You ARE a fantastic photographer, and I've missed seeing/visiting your blog! I love your "take" on the world, and you always make me smile :)
    Ah. . . . and Disney World! My sister claims they spray something addictive in the air, but can you ever tire of the place? Staying at the Boardwalk is so much fun, and I still think it's one of the best places to go with teens, because there really is something for everyone!

  8. Thanks so so much for putting that song in my head!! LOL! And I agree love your blog posts - you are funny and your photos are awesome!! And I would never pay $50 for a Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies cake - wow!

  9. No way I would pay that for a rice crispy treat...that's a new pair of shoes, lol! Also I completely agree with Nancy and rock:)

  10. I don't even like Rice Krispy treat so someone would have to pay ME to eat one! But the variety of Mickey's is amazing.