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Thursday, July 14, 2011

now that's Italian . . .

speaking of food,
my daughter and I had a special Mom/Daughter lunch/dinner at
Via Napoli in EPCOT's Italy.
The service was superb
and the food . . . delizioso!

tortino di melanzane
(best eggplant I've ever eaten)

(candle stick pasta)

zeppole di ricotta


I had my camera along for a semi photo walk after our meal and why it sat in the case through the appetizer is beyond me. When I asked if it would be okay for me to photograph the ovens following our meal, our waiter encouraged me to go ahead and photograph when ever I wanted. So of course I photographed food; and from the lack of attention it drew, I'm guessing I wasn't the first person to do that while dinning.
(of note: our waiter was the very same waiter who had served our friends during their visit to EPCOT a couple of weeks earlier; a charismatic cute young man -- or I guess you could say, handsome young Italian male - especially if you are young. which I'm not, so obviously I wouldn't say that.)

But the food - OMG the food.
{and yes, at my age, that is where the focus is at}
When we were done I was ready to be rolled around - forget walking, who cares about pictures.
I'm talking "S.T.U.F.F.E.D!!!"
It * was * Fabulous
Mama Mia!

(I got a lot of kidding about how often I said the eggplant was "fabulous"
and after this post - I'm sure I'll hear about the
handsome young Italian male waiter.)

Que sera sera
~whatever will be, will be~


  1. Oh, big mistake to read this post and see all that delicious food before I eat breakfast! Good grief---I can see a trip to "Italy" the next time we hit DW. The waiter is eye-candy; the food is what matters!

  2. "The waiter is eye-candy; the food is what matters!" That made me laugh :D I like the oven pictures...there is a local artist that carves faces in trees that look like that. I might have to track one down and post it one day. We had spaghetti last night, but I could go for Italian again!

  3. Oh, yum! Eggplant! And it is nice to have a good view while you enjoy your meal ;)

  4. That looks like a delicious meal!! Mmmmmm!! And too bad you didn't get a shot of the cute Italian waiter!! LOL!

  5. Oh, yum!!!! WHY did I ever miss this restaurant when we were at Disney World? Looks like I'll have to go back! :)
    You do an incredibly wonderful job of photographing the food! (and surely you are soon going to post a photo of that cute, young, Italian, male waiter????? For verification purposes, of course!)