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Friday, July 15, 2011

Deathly Hallows . . .

My children have grown up Harry Potter.
We have read and re-read the books, been to many 'release' events,
and filled the house with anything and everything 'Harry Potter'.
With tonight's final movie, a chapter of their childhood has come to an end.
The movie was brilliant in every way -
I only wished they never had to end.

Thank you J.K. Rowling.


  1. I'm a bit reluctant to go see the final movie for the same reason. I discovered Harry Potter for my kids after reading about it in a magazine article. I bought the first book, and at first John, who was a bit older, didn't show any interest. The book sat in the bookshelf for about 3 months before he finally picked it up. It was love, love, love from then on. John introduced his small Catholic grade school to the series, and eventually roped my younger son, too. Our house has been at times decorated a la Harry Potter. Wall-to-wall. I have stood in line in Miami, in 100 degree heat, because our vacation coincided with the release of a Harry Potter book that they just had to have that very first hour. I know you get all this. Now my sons are grown, and the series is done. It's all of a piece in a way.

  2. I can't WAIT to go...but there's no way I could to the midnight premiere. It would be the most expensive nap I've ever taken. I will miss Harry and the gang.

  3. Awesome that you went to the midnight showing with the kids! Was everyone sporting wizard gear??

  4. nice i'm a big harry potty fan (even though I'm 27) i think i've missed the last one tho, and i haven't seen it in the theaters since the 2nd one came out - but that's 80% a money issue 20% i would never go to a premier of any movie.
    i've never read the books, maybe someday i'll like reading

  5. There's just something "community" about HP, and a shared world experience! My daughter was quite upset when she called me and asked me to search her room for her magic wand, Harry Potter glasses, and black robe, and mailed them to her. . . . and I failed to find them! I searched through layers of childhood, poked in scary regions of old bottles of nail polish and American Girl dolls, but no magic wand made specially for her by the kids in a shop class at high school. Ah, well,. . . she tells me she did get Hermione clothing for the midnight showing, but I haven't heard the story yet how she came by these. (I'm suspecting they had been moved with her to her new city and it was just easier to have me search first before it was worth her effort to search her own apartment!)

  6. Read most of the books... but didn't see any of the movies yet!! Maybe I should go rent them and go see the finale soon!! Love the glasses!

  7. I tried to read my daughter Harry Potter for the first time when she was four years old (she's 16 now). She LOVED it and wouldn't admit that it was too scary for her. One night I came in to read it to her and it wasn't on her nightstand. "Where's the book?" She pointed to the other side of her room, "I hid it over there." That's when I knew we needed to wait a couple of years and try again.