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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seriously . . .

For many years my son's Christmas note to Santa asked for one thing and one thing only:

"anything Harry Potter".


  1. I do believe Hedwig has just about outgrown the cage. And a Snitch?! Lucky boy!

  2. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also I like your (not so) new logo/watermark! I really need to make myself one of those.

  3. ROTFLOL! So, so Harry Potter! John's owl was not an "official" Harry Potter owl, but I, er, that is to say, Santa saw another one, way before the official one was released and brought it to John for Christmas the first year. That owl is still perched on top of a bookcase in my son's room.

  4. :) That must have made for easy Christmas shopping! And that owl is a bit like the Mona Lisa, no matter where your at, it is looking at you.