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Thursday, August 11, 2011

nesting . . .

I know you nest when getting ready to give birth
but never knew it happened when the chick was about to fly the coop.

several thousand pictures down -
many more yet to go ...
and you read that right - THOUSANDS

decided to keep the one above, but I don't think they got the message!


  1. LOL, they do look a little irate at the thought that you almost threw them away. :) I know what you mean......I need to purge photos of my own that don't have a purpose...Ahh, another time another day. That would take weeks or even months. Perhaps this winter. LOL.

  2. LOL - Love this! And I need to go through my photos too... but not today!

  3. Too funny!-- Yolanda

  4. You are taunting us with such an extremely interesting photograph and little information! I'm going to put you on time out! Love, love, love this photo! If you had thrown it out the photo fairy would have come and taken away your camera!

  5. Maria - you crack me up! This is from one of the stores in the British section at Disney's EPCOT - just a window display that catches my eye every visit. Their expressions are so out-of-sorts that you still have to love them. I'll have to post more about the supporting cast to this group.