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Friday, August 12, 2011

recycling . . .

In the spirit of the black/white photography challenge going on over at Pioneer Woman, I set out yesterday to find just the right picture to convert. In no time I was caught up in 'cleaning mode' so I settled on revamping an old floral shot. A picture that ultimately did not lend itself to the simple conversion because in doing so, it would lose all of its unique qualities. So, I cropped and sharpened for the web. period.

Not one to throw in the towel, I embarked on the same mission this morning, sorting through old pictures, hoping to find a suitable subject, a picture that would be more profound if in black and white. Oddly enough, I came across a picture of a fountain at Disney that (in my humble opinion) translates as well, if not better, in black/white. There is no need for the blue sky or brown cement - just the contrast between liquid and solid. The simple complexity of it all!


  1. Hmmm . . . the simple complexity of it all . . . What an interesting expression! And it fits! I do like this second photo in black and white. It's most effective!

  2. By the way, Nicki, I know this is a confusing time for you, with The Girl going to college soon. I'm still struggling with this letting go business, and this is my third year!!! Hang in there! We all deal with this in whatever way we need! It's so hard when our chicks fly the coop!

  3. I really like the first photo in color, that was a good choice not converting it. The contrast in your fountain looks good, and it does make a nice b&w.

    That sunflower shot from a few days ago is spectacular!!