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Friday, August 19, 2011

soon . . .

very soon!

My husband asked if I was going to be okay.
Of course I will.
Just don't expect any eye contact for a few days.

I'm so excited for the Girl.
I'm concerned about fitting everything into the car,
but so so excited.
and a little nervous,
but mainly excited.

We are to the point
where the rubber hits the road
time to put the money where the mouth is
a little less talk, a little more action

where the Girl
is now
our Young Lady
we hope and pray that everything we've done up to this point
and she can pedal the bike on her own
(so to speak)
and become the incredible WOMAN
I've always known she would become.

okay, excuse me for a moment while I look for the tissues


  1. me, too.....I remember sending my DD off to college (in Hawaii) and putting her on the plane. Tough. I will be sending you strength vibes; you will survive this!

    By the way, in response to your comment yesterday--yes, we did all that every day! It was a perfect vacation.

  2. Oh my gosh...I'm going to need tissues too! Good luck to her and you for an easy transition and a great school year.

  3. Prayers for your peace of mind. I remember the card my Mom gave me when I headed off to college. It said essentially what you have; she knew I was capable of great things and would be successful. I still have that card in my Bible.

    I'm sure you have, but make sure you tell her too, it will mean the world to her. In the meantime, {hugs}

  4. It was bad enough to be balling my eyes out after reading your post, but then I had to go and read Amanda's comment! Hugs, Nicki! It's tough, and the first time is the toughest!

  5. Sounds like you have done a FANTASTIC job as parents, Nicki and now it is all up to her. I am sure she will continue to make her parents proud. !!