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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holy COMMA Batman . . .

Looking back through my posts I was struck at how much I over use and abuse commas.
Way too much.
I need to find an AA for comma abusers.
Hello, My name is Nicki, and I like commas.
No need to re-read old posts.
Trust me,
it is embarrassing.
Truly it is.

and yes, my teenage son tells me about his school day.
but only through a technique the CIA would be proud of
- something I had to resort to in response to
"fine", "nothing", and "it was okay."
[think Uncle Buck and the 20 questions at the breakfast table with cute little Macaulay Culkin]

Even so I still get called to his room before bed time
only to be informed that he failed to mention he didn't turn something in at school.
Apparently I need to add
"Is there anything you failed to turn in today:
homework, syllabus, homework?"

"Buller ... Buller ... Buller?"


  1. Love that photo! I'm right there with ya on the talking to your son thing. I feel like I'm a police detective trying to interregate a suspect sometimes.

  2. What an awesome gargoyle!! Love it! And yes, talking with teen boys is so frustrating. You have to be an interpreter to understand the monosyllabic replies and grunts. It will get better, I promise (takes a few years, though) I can't believe how grown-up he is looking!!!

  3. I can relate to the comma problem. I use them a bit too often as well; you're not alone.

  4. OK, I feel MUCH better now!!!! (about the boy code thing.) If you find a comma-abuse support group, let me know if you come across an exclamation point-abuse support group! I used to write normal (sort of) until I start blogging!

    Actually, I like your use of commas. It helps to get the rhythm right and "hear" you. (Maybe I need a parentheses and quotation marks support group too :( )

    I used to have a Stephen King gargoyle photography book (and threw it out one year when I decluttered, silly me!) This gargoyle belongs right it in. . . . except he looks so startled by probably a bigger gargoyle . . . . or your flash!

  5. I love that wide eyed tiger look! Maybe it was late turning in its homework ;) I'm not looking forward to all that teenage angst in my future...I hope they just stay small.

  6. Really neat photo! Funny on the failed to turn in! But not so funny...