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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oh boy . . .

When the Boy started school he was 4 going on 5, and it wore him out.
Long days, no nap time, and a non-stop schedule. Busy, busy, busy!
(I personally think that naps should still be a part of the Kindergarten curriculum)

10th Grade - first day, and it wore him out.

I suspect just like many other kids, he came home, told me all about his classes,
teachers, classmates, pointed me in the direction of the stack of papers to be signed
- then proceeded to the couch where in no time at all he had passed out.

no matter how tall he gets, he's still a boy at heart.


  1. Yep, kids grow way too fast, but I always tell mine that they will be my babies forever. I love the last shot...he's got such a hansome demeanor to him. That hint of a smile...LOVE!

  2. Great photos. The first one is my favorite:) It is funny how the past parallels the present! We don't school here for another 2 little guy is dreading it.

  3. What a handsome guy, and Oh! Those eyes! (very winning!)

    But Nicki, . . . " told me all about his classes,
    teachers, classmates". . . ! What????? You got WORDS out of your young man?????? My sons were of another planet! Mine, when they were feeling highly communicative, might eke out a "fine", but that was about it. Unless there was a need for money, of course!

  4. AAAwww! Tenth grade! Very sweet! And I'm with Angela on the talking thing. It's like pulling teeth EVEN when he actually cares to communicate something to me!